Voted the Best Email of This Year

If you think you are unhappy, look at them.

If you think your salary is low, how about her?

If you think you don't have many friends...

When you feel like giving up, think of this man...

If you think you suffer in life, do you suffer as much as he does?

If you complain about your transport system, how about them?

If your society is unfair to you, how about her?

Enjoy your life how it is and as it comes.

Some things are worse for others and much better for us.

There are many things in your life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart....

Are you still complaining?

Observe around you and be thankful for all that you have in this transitory lifetime...

We are fortunate, we have much more than what we need to be content.

Let's try not to feed this endless cycle of consumerism and immorality in which this "modern and advanced" society forgets and ignores the other two thirds of our brothers and sisters.

Send this presentation without any obligation or expectation in receiving good luck.

Don't keep it, send it and it won't be in vain.

Let us complain less and give more!

This email needs to circulate forever...