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Dr. Sarah Larsen

Navapashanam Bead Carriers

Ambassadors of Maha Siddha Medicine

In looking at many different spiritual tradition/religions there are a number of beings who, progressed on their Spiritual path beyond what most people consider possible. What we are talking about is spiritually evolving, on a spiritual path, any and all paths, to the point where the physical body dissolves into Light. In some traditions this phenomena is called:
  1. Taken Into Heaven – Like in the Old Testament to include: Ezekiel, Elisha, Moses, etc.
  2. Died and Arose Again from the Dead and Ascended into Heaven: Jesus the Christ
  3. Ascended into Heaven: Mohamed
  4. Jeeva Samadhi – Turning into Light - In the South Indian Tradition: Babaji, all 18 of the Maha Siddhas with many known locations in India
  5. Rainbow Body – Buddhists
  6. There are actually many many more known locations worldwide where Jeeva Samadhi was achieved.

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