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Bethany E. Traversi

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Bethany E. Traversi

A visionary light worker, Bethany has spent over 20 years co-creating sacred ceremonies and energy grids as divinely guided. Exploring the Akashic Realm and assisting people on their spiritual journey is also one of Bethany’s gifts. Through her Akashic readings, she gives insights, connections, and new perspective to a person’s life as related to their spiritual growth. The layers of the reading will continue to unfold for years, helping to bring clarity, acceptance, healing, and peace of mind. Each reading is recorded to assist this process.

A near-death experience in 2007 shifted Bethany’s focus to her physical body and new understandings for her transformation of self. Her experience revealed how important it is to prepare not only the mind and spirit, but also the body for higher spiritual connection.

Bethany has been working with the gift of Navapashanam for over six months, giving presentations and bottles of the elixir to anyone who is interested in working with it. The Navapashanam presentation includes an explanation of Navapashanam, its history and how to utilize its energy, a guided meditation after drinking an ounce of Navapashanam, and an 8 ounce bottle of Navapashanam for you to take home. She has also been making oils from the ash of Maha Ananda Siddha’s ritual body purification for Healers to add to their tools of healing.

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Bethany began her spiritual training with a Cherokee medicine woman who trained her in the ways of sacred ceremony, energy healing, stone energy, and working with spirit guides.

Bethany is a certified teacher of the Illuminated Mind Seminars. She studied with June D’Estelle, founder of the Alohem Center for Transformational Studies and the Illuminated Mind Seminars.

Bethany is also a Reiki Master and an Advanced Quantum Touch practitioner.

1 Hour Akashic Reading $125
30 Minute Akashic Reading $65

2 Hour Navapashanam Group Presentation $15 per person

½ oz Maha Ananda Siddha Cleansing and Reset Oil $50    -    (409) 866-3317